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At Xavier International all that we do is driven by our Vision:“Our student will be an inspirational role model for a better world”

We are committed to a Strategic Management Plan which aims to take Xavier International “From Good to Great” and is the Xavier International’s roadmap towards achieving our Vision.


“Our mission is to encourage students to be independent, lifelong learners who strive for excellence and become responsible stewards of our global society and natural environment, achieved within a supportive community that values diversity and through a programme reflecting the ideals and principles of the United Nations.”


The United Nations principles as applied to the college are to:

• Promote peaceful solutions to problems.

• Develop friendly relations among children and adults of different nationalities.

• Promote cooperation in problem solving in economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian matters.

• Encourage respect for fundamental freedoms and equality for all, without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion.


Each year an Annual Action Plan focuses on the Plan’s three main goals:


Goal 1. Curricular: The objectives associated with this goal focus on the  core business of teaching and learning

- the tree trunk.


Goal 2. Co-Curricular: The objectives associated with this goal aim to empower students to branch out and enrich their

learning - the canopy of the tree.


Goal 3. Support: The objectives associated with this goal aim to underpin the institution in order that it might continue to

provide the very best for our students – the roots of the tree.



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