Chairman's Message

It is universally accepted today that education is a key to a mobile, dynamic and diverse society. No country is built on brick but on brain, nor on cement but on enlightenment. If we provide adequate attention to our children's education, we will aim for a society that operates through knowledge and wisdom. Education is, thus, our “priority of priorities” and better “quality education” is always our aspiration.

Xavier International, on the grounds of its experience of imparting quality education in the last eleven years, believes that it can serve society and the nation by providing life-affirming education to its students. We know, as John Ruskin says, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent efforts.
We request parents and students to continue giving us your support, and Xavier International will go on providing quality education to its students.

Kamal Krishna Joshi, Ph D
Chairman, Xavier International
(Dr. Joshi has served as a Vice Chancellor of Tribhuvan University, Nepal . He was the Chairman of University Grand Commission and University Quality Assurance & Accreditation Committee. He was also the member of Intergovernmental Steering Committee of South Asian University)


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