Welcome Statement

An Exciting Place to learn:Xavier International

Dear parents, guardians and students !

We would like to welcome you all to Xavier International College. You may rest assured that Xavier International is in the business of providing you with a first class education in both academic and extra-curricular fields.
Every student at Xavier International College signs a contract committing themselves to the highest standards of personal conduct at all times
What we expect from our student
• 100% attendance and punctuality
• Compliance with our smart dress
• Full participation in every class with great interested
• Completion of independent work to the best of your ability
• Adherence to our culture of respect and maturity
• The commitment to being a positive role model to the rest students
We urge all parents, to involve themselves completely in the life of the college on a daily basis – in such a way that the students will benefit the most. Parents, I do need your valued contribution in whatever form or kind you are able to. As each parent has a vital role to play in a Ward’s education and to provide some guidance in that.
As a committed College unit we aim to positively influence the lives of the young people that become our students, so profoundly that they will never forget the experience of being a student at the Xavier International College.
Do not hesitate to contact Xavier International should you have any questions. We wish all students a fruitful two years ahead.
Yours sincerely,

 Dr. Kamal Krishna Jodhi               Lok Bahadur Bhandari               Gopal Bhandari                                             

Chairman                                           CEO                                             Executive Director                                             

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