Mission, Vision & Objectives

Quality Policy:

Xavier International  is committed to impart quality education and dedicated to meet or exceed students &parent’s satisfaction by fulfillment of statutory and regulatory requirement. We are dedicated for continual improvement in teaching learning process and upgrading the work environment. It is our policy to recruit experienced and highly qualified human resource for globally recognized products.


Mission & educational values:

• The culture of the Xavier International is students-centred and supports students and teachers to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

• International awareness and global perspectives are promoted through the curriculum and other activities.


Each year an Annual Action Plan focuses on the Plan’s three main goals:

Goal 1. Curricular: The objectives associated with this goal focus on the  core business of teaching and learning

- the tree trunk.


Goal 2. Co-Curricular: The objectives associated with this goal aim to empower students to branch out and enrich their

learning - the canopy of the tree.


Goal 3. Support: The objectives associated with this goal aim to underpin the institution in order that it might continue to

provide the very best for our students – the roots of the tree.

Educational Philosophy 

1. Education is a Process not a race!

2.Education is a Partnership!

We believe that the most effective way to maximise success for students, is through the operation of a three-cornered partnership between the School, the Home and the Student. Equally, I hope that the role of each side of this partnership will be made perfectly clear.

The partnership has two main goals:

› offering the best possible educational experience to each and every one of the students;

› maximising each and every student’s learning.






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