Awareness about girls education

Dristikon is a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty. A message expressing a belief about something, the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof. According to team Dristikon, it always carries a goal to maintain gender equality in our society. We are very much affected by our culture,norms and values so we came to follow a negative aspect of our society as gender inequality. There a huge difference between a boy and a girl and their treating activities also. As we are a social role model or social worker we must have equal vision and equality feature to control such inequality in our society. We can play a vital role in our community to decrease negative characteristics. As we are worker in our society via Dristikon we had conducted a very effective and meaningful program in Sindupalchok, yanglakot from which many people be awarded and we hope our activities might fulfill our objective which was to informed that there is no any feeling between boys and girls and they are equally born and they should equally lived in society. This program was specially conducted in the Shree Jaldevi Secondary School. We conducted drama also which directly reflects our society activities in which girls are being uneducated or they don't have right to study. Again, dance program was conducted which reflects the rights and co-ordination between male and female. Such dance can influence our society so that we people in society can be changed as according to time.

Organization  : Dristikon (Together in search of solution)

Founded by BASW 2nd students of bachelor.

Photography By Ankit Dangol (BASW 2nd Year Student)

Team Name: Mingma Sherpa, Sona Lama Tamang, Puja Phuyal, Bipin Bhattarai, Karuna Ghorasaini & Ankit Dangol

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