Mission smile - A noble cause with a purpose; is a joy forever

Mission smile - A noble cause with a purpose; is a joy forever

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you'll start to see a big difference in your life.

For Human; By Human; Being Human. We should feel privileged and fortunate to have a sound and satisfied life with a fair amount of resources within our reach and threshold. These moments are the moments that we cherish throughout our lives. But we forget and fail to realize that how lucky we for we have people with whom we share these infinite and valuable moments of life with them. To share some these moments of our lives with the underprivileged children, we the students of As Level of Xavier International College made up our minds to visit a school in Kamalpokhari with an objective to make each and every student happy and make them smile wholeheartedly.

To accomplish this smiling mission, we divided ourselves into group of 9, with each group comprising of about 6 to 8 members. We all had different ideas on how we would lit up their faces with smiles. Some of us took a scientific approach, by presenting the students with different scientific wonders such as holograms, virtual reality using the “wow” factor to entertain the students. Some of us used the “fun” factor to entertain the students by indulging the students in various games and competition, and yes who can bring smiles on the faces better than a clown, and we had two of them.

On 17th November, 2017 we left the college at 9:15 AM to Kamalpokhari, all of us having a single objective in our minds i: e lighting up the school environment with smiles all around. We reached there at about 11 AM, and the moment we stepped in, we all were moonstruck, literally shocked and taken aback, by the glimpse of the school. We had never ever thought in our dreams that, such a school even existed. The so called school was nothing but a small compound enclosure, holding small rooms, which were even smaller than my own bed room; they all shared a common toilet. But they welcomed us with enthusiasm and joy. After a short lecture from the principle of that school, all the 9 groups were assigned a class. Every class that we visited was filled with different students belonging to different class and economic background but bounded with one motive of getting sound education. Though they lacked economic stability but they surely did not lack talent. We meet some children with immense potential of becoming someone valuable to the society in the near future.  Seeing their raw prowess and exciting talents, it really shocked us all. We were all in love with those children. Seeing their faces beaming with smiles, it helped us overcome mental and physical exhaustion. But unfortunately, our time was up, we really wanted to spend some more time with them but it was not to be. At the end we had a dance to wrap up the program, and clicked some memorable photographs capturing these wonderful moments that we spent with those children. We left the school around 4:30 PM realizing, how privileged we are, and how ignorant we had been. These 4 hours were the most wonderful times of our lives. I would really like to thank the college for providing us with such a wonderful opportunity to visit this place and be a reason for someone’s smile.   We hope that this noble gesture of  building stronger communities and society will continue in near future, taking this cause to the next level of support help and smiles.




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