A Level

Xavier International is a unique educational institution for the reason that it has been one of the premier colleges offering A level courses in Nepal and also because it remained the most popular institute to do so for a long time.

The reputation of the College as the finest institution for A level education soon crossed the confines of the capital city  and students from adjacent cities and country  started queuing up for admission. The institution was fortunate to avail the knowledge and expertise of scholars, repute, who have been on its faculty right from the beginning.

Cambridge International A- Levels offered at Xavier International College is a part of the Cambridge Advanced stage, which is in line with the Nepal11th and 12th grade curriculum. They are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing excellent preparation for university education.

At Xavier International College, we ask our students to choose subject combinations based on personal preferences, aptitude and career progression. Students can choose from subjects in Medical, Engineering and Commerce streams. The flexibility of subject combinations and its international relevance makes it popular amongst the learners. 

Course Content: 

Science Stream Non Science Stream
Compulsory Subjects Management / Humanities
General Paper General Paper
Physics Accounting
Chemistry Business Studies
Mathematics Economics
Optional 1 (any one) Optional 1 (any one)
Biology Mathematics
Computer Science Psychology
Further Mathematics Sociology
Art and Design Computer Science
  Art and Design
Optional 2 (any one) Optional 2 (any one)
Nepal Studies Nepal Studies
English language English Language
Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism


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