Only learning is not enough; are you passionate about the study of human behavior and the application of system change?

Bachelor of Social Work programme is a professional programme that prepares students to help participate and involve actively in relationships, work and community life. Our students are mentored in such a way that during the entire course of their study, they become advocates for social and economic justice. Our prospective graduates with their rationale and practical real life approach help other maintain hope and find solutions during difficult and wanting times.

Xavier International BSW programme offers a great opportunity to connect theory and practice by participating in a rich curriculum, methodically designed for them. Students here will learn the core skills of engagement, assessment, intervention, advocacy and documentation, through a generalist practitioner’s perspective. The BSW programme will make our students understand the concepts better and allowing them to become knowledgeable, sensible front line workers in various areas such as child care, gender issues and other societal issues in general.

Our doors are open to all the ones who have that driving passion to do something for the society and take up social work; this is the right time to get started. Our extensive BSW programme training, supports you become skillful practitioners, with realistic approach and certain goals in the ascertain world of changes. It only indicates that the students graduate with holistic knowledge, high on values and immaculate expertise needed to support individuals, families, organizations, and communities manage and learn from life’s complex challenges and intricacies.

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