Bachelor of Arts

“Rigorous and rewarding “there can be no better justification and introduction to this renowned program. This degree provides a rare opportunity for students to challenge perceptions, unearth new cultures, and explore beneath the surface of our own society to encounter and generate innovative ideas. This program is set to hone your critical thinking ability, supporting you become an independent thinker, able to form and articulate judgments based on evidence and arguments. If you desire for and are passionate about to learn new language, study the great works of arts and literature or scratch archeological remains, our tailor made courses designed to suit your learning needs is bound to stretch and challenge your minds to think differently.

By applying for this programme , you will be mentored and guided by the expertise of respected and experienced group of educators. With arts and humanities at the Xavier International College consistently recognized as the topmost colleges both nationally and internationally. Our Bachelor of Arts programme is both highly regarded and well supported by research leaders. Our entire course is carefully structured to aid feasible and viable exchange options, helping many of our students to see the world and immerse themselves in new unexplored culture.

 Probably no other college can provide the same depth, or breadth of inquiry offered in their subjects to those practiced and offered in other colleges. Not only that a number of our majors presents students with the possibility to undertake structured internship placements, enabling them to widen their nexus and gain invaluable work experience before they graduate. Therefore our graduates excel and are exposed to various career options as varied as the degree itself. Our alumni have been known for their ability to think out of the box , communicate effectively, research diligently and decode complex information to reach their desired goals.

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