Admission Procedure

Step:1 Opening and closing date of admission shall be finalized; published in the newspaper and notice board of college with date for submission of admission forms and entrance exam.Reception shall handle the enquiry for admission and provide detailed information. Further counseling shall be done by Admin Officer & principal. Brochure shall be provided for personal visit.


Step:2 Application & Enrollment Form shall be collected from the applicants.Entrance Exams shall be conducted on the predetermined date as per the format of University/ Board.


Step:3 Result shall be published and the name of pass students shall be published in the notice board and shall be communicated via telephone and email for interviewInterview committee shall take the interview of pass students on the scheduled date.


Step:4 Final Pass list from interview shall be published and communicated to the finalized students.Acceptance Letter shall be provided to the pass students of Xavier College and process of admission shall be included in the Acceptance Letter.


Step:5 Students shall submit the Student Profile and Bond Letter to the college administration and the final admission process including fees collection shall be completed from the students applying for admission.


Step:6 Rules and regulation of college shall be communicated to the students and parents during the admission and informed that strict adhere to college rules shall be maintained. Parents or local guardians must be present during the admission process.






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