Education Delivery

In Xavier International's journey towards the vision of A Quality School & College , effective teaching and learning is instrumental in bringing out the best in our students’ holistic development. In the spirit of Teach Less Learn More, our academic departments have also embarked on relevant curriculum innovations to ignite our students’ passion for learning and to inculcate life skills such as communication and critical and creative thinking.

To further level up teaching and learning, our school has articulated the Xavier International  Teaching & Learning Principles (Xavier Int'l TLP)

Principle 1:

Curriculum Decision

Our teachers make curriculum decisions by mediating the requirements of the national curriculum with our students' learning needs, interests and learning style

Principle 2:Curriculum Planning

Our teachers design authentic learning experiences for our students by connecting classroom learning with the real-world

Principle 3:Curriculum Support

Our teachers provide a supportive learning environment that fosters self-motivation and independence, as well as mutual respect and collaboration in learning among our students.

Principle 4:Curriculum Rigour

Our teachers develop rigour in our students' thinking and stretch their learning through meaningful assessment tasks.


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