Top In Nepal- Cambridge A/AS Level Examinations - 2015

The legacy and rich history of Xavier International College continues to prevail which is reflected in the success achieved at Cambridge A/AS Level Examinations  held in November 2015 . A remarkable feat of attaining the highest marks in Nepal in a single and multiple Cambridge International AS & A Level subjects.

An incredible set of performances that is sure to send ripples across the education world, proving to be a source of recognition and inspiration for others to follow. We heartily congratulate all those meritorious candidates for making us a force to reckon with. A reason to celebrate and acknowledge these honours was made possible with a dedicated effort, support and belief imbibed by the teachers and parents as well.

Top In Nepal

  1. Bhargav Poudel – Best Across Four Cambridge International AS Levels.

  2. Pratik Chaudhary – Best Across Three Cambridge International A Level.

  3. Sulav Baskota – Top in Nepal in Computer Science Cambridge International A Level.

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