+2 Law

Introducing Law at +2 level in Xavier International College provides our prospects students a diverse range of skills that are not only crucial to becoming a lawyer but will help them to thrive in a number of professional roles.+2 Law program at Xavier International College provides our students an ample of opportunities to build on this knowledge with a wider range of valuable theoretical and practical ideas from lived experienced people. The college will provide a high public lecture to enlighten the leaders of tomorrow. The course will equip our students with a broad understanding of key legal principles, various legal systems, and also institutions with political, social economic and cultural dimension in which the law operates.


Students seeking admissions at Xavier International college are required to pose education profile: SEE or equivalent degree with a minimum Grade ‘C’ for Law in aggregate (D+ in Mathematics, English, Nepali, Social Studies and Science)

Entrance Test

Students must appear in an entrance test as scheduled by Xavier international college. The test comprises objective questions from related subjects such as: Mathematics, English, Nepali and General Knowledge for Law



The successful candidates in the entrance tests are called for an interview along with their guardians/parents.

Final Result for Admission

The final result of the candidates for admission is published on the basis of the weighted average of the Entrance Exam, Interview and SEE score.


Grade XI Grade XII

1. Comp. English

2. Comp.Nepali

3. General Principles and Theories of Law

4. Nepalese Legal System

5. Constitutional Law and the Nepalese Constitution

1. Comp. English

2. Legal Drafting 

3. Procedural Law

4. Civil law and Justice and Criminal Law and Justice

5. Human Rights

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