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In pursuit of the aforesaid goal, faculties at XIS are singularly focused on one thing--your child. They bring with them passions into the classroom and develop deep, caring relationships that inspire a true love of learning. Our teachers pay close attention to the social, emotional and academic needs of each individual student, adapting curricula and lessons that make them perfect individuals and ready for the future.  Put simply, a good school knows your child by name; a great school knows your child by heart. Our rigorous, globally inspired, school preparatory curriculum readies students for challenges both in and out of the classroom. The experience is enriched by activities, independent projects, service learning, in-depth interterm classes, outdoor education, and many more. We believe teachable inspiring moments are everywhere and we are bound neither by belief nor government mandate to teach in only one way. One size does not fit all, one size fits one.

Our location is truly unique, enabling us to provide an education that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. As soon as one enters our premises a lovely small meadow filled with flowers, and picturesque plant life provides a refreshing look to the entire structure. Matching the beauty and elegance of our natural setting, our school building is housed in a state-of-the-art facility with design inspired as much by our beliefs about how learning best occurs in a Xavier rich environment as by aesthetic considerations. Lower, middle, and upper school classrooms are mixed throughout with abundant open common spaces to encourage cross-age interaction and give students room to move.

In partnership with parents, teachers help students confront problems, and set positive, proactive examples, challenging students to be their best in the classroom, on the playing field, online, and outside the school. We pride ourselves on celebrating individual achievements and supporting each other's struggles. The result is a caring community of engaged learners that supports the greatness in one through the strength of many.

Few other schools are so supportive. Very few other schools offer the independence, small class size, invested faculty, and welcoming community found at XIS.


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