Notice Regarding New Session- 2074

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Please, kindly note the following points regarding the New Session- 2074

  1. New Session Starts: 7th Baishakh Thursday, 2074 (20th April, 2017)
  2. Books for the New Session Available: Sindhu Books, Chabahil, Ganeshsthan
  3. Hostel Enrollment of Grdae X: Jestha 1st Sunday, 2074 (14th May, 2017) is compulsory.


Code of Conduct for Students

Students in Xavier International School are expected to follow the Code of Conduct to maintain effective learning environment. The breach in the Code of Conduct shall be considered as an offense. Such offensive behavior of the students will be recorded and forwarded to the school administration for final decision. The decisions may vary in various terms according to the NATURE and LEVEL of offence which includes:

  1. Teachers’ Counseling- STEP 1             ii. School + Parent Counseling- STEP 2
  1. Verbal Warning- STEP 3                      iv. Written Warning-                  STEP 4

      v.  Suspension-     STEP 5                       vi. Expulsion-                          STEP 6

Uniform and Personal Appearance

  • It is mandatory for students to be in proper school uniform during school hours. Uniform should be properly ironed.
  • Students should have neat and clean appearance.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring or wear items like jewelries, cosmetics, expensive belongings and other items.
  • Grade I- IV should wear house dress on Monday & Wednesday.
  • Grade V- X should wear house dress on Tuesday & Friday.
  • Scout Students from grade V- IX should wear Scout Dress on Thursday.
  • On Thursdays Girls Scout should wear skirt instead of pant.
  • Boys must have an army style hair cut with a decent look.
  • Students are strictly restricted to color or highlight hair.
  • Girls must have the hair plaited on two sides and tied with ribbons.
  • Nails should be well trimmed, nail polish and use of cosmetics is strictly prohibited.
  • All the students must have an identity hung around the neck during school hours.
  • If the identity card is lost or misplaced by the students Rs. 200 will be charged before issuing the new identity card.
  • All the students must complete the home assignments assigned by the teachers regularly.

School Uniform

  • For Boys: Navy Blue Pants(as specified at the tailoring outlet)
  • For girls: Navy Blue Skirt/ Pants (as specified at the tailoring outlet)
  • Shirt: Cream
  • Shoes: Black Leather Shoes with lace meant for school children ( Fancy Shoes not permitted)
  • Belt & Tie: As provided by the school
  • Sweater/ Pull Over: Navy Blue(V Shaped)
  • Blazer: Navy blue
  • Jacket: Navy Blue (As specified at the tailoring outlet)
  • Ribbon: Red (Respective House Color with house uniform)
  • Socks/ Stockings: Navy Blue
  • Woolen Cap, Glove and Muffler(In Winter Only): Navy Blue
  • House Uniform: Respected House Colored T-shirt/ Track Suit.

(As specified at the tailoring outlet)

  • House Shoes: White Canvas Shoes
  • Scout Uniform: Boys: Grey shirt & Pant, Cap, Rope, Scarf, White Shocks, black shoes. Girls: Green shirt & Skirt, White Ribbons, Rope, Scarf, White Shocks/ Stocking, Black Shoes


  • Students should be punctual for the school.
  • Parents need to pre-inform school the administration with valid reason if their ward becomes late for school.
  • Submission of a leave application or a call from the respective parent/ guardian is mandatory before taking leave by the students.
  • Students repeatedly coming late will be penalized.
  • Students shall leave the school only after the school assembly is over.


  • It is mandatory for all the students to sit for all kinds of examinations and tests conducted by the school.
  • Overall Performance of student in all kind of examination and test will be recorded and will be taken into account while upgrading the students.
  • Parents/ Guardians of the student compulsorily come to school to collect the progress report of their wards on the date and time mentioned by the school. Report card will not be handed over to the students at any cost.
  • No any examinations will re- taken or re- scheduled for the students if they fail to appear according to the periodically published Examination Routine.


  • Fighting, Bullying and any kind of harassment is strictly prohibited.
  • Breaking, Vandalizing and misuse of school property will lead to severe action and penalized.
  • It is mandatory for all the students to Speak in English inside the school premises.
  • Students should always carry the school diary and communication book.
  • Text books, reference books and excersise books should be carried by the students according to the daily routine.
  • Students are strictly restricted to bring Junk Foods, chewing gum, chocolates/ sweets etc. If any students are found with such things it will be confiscated.
  • School diary, communication book, text books, reference books, atlas, note books and excersise books must be covered. Students can either use brown cover or silver cover. Only Plain Cover is allowed as coverings.
  • The pairing between girls and boys will be considered as a serious offense to the Code of Conduct and will lead to severe action and penalty.


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