We Enlighten- We Engage- We Excel

A concept integrally interwoven the way children, learn and grow, make up for the much needed core required for holistic development of each individual.  The child’s whole context, the physical surroundings, the emotional context, relationship with others, and the child’s immediate needs at any moment will affect and modify how a particular experience contribute to the child’s development. These are intricate patterns of linked experiences and meaning rather than emphasizing the acquisitions of discrete skills.

At Xavier International, we incorporate these meaningful concepts, thoroughly, where the integrated view of learning sees the child as an individual who wants to learn, sees the task as meaningful whole, and sees the whole as bigger than the sum of his/her individual tasks or experiences.

  • Here learning and development is integrated through:
  • Opportunities for open-ended exploration and play;
  • Consistent, warm relationships that connect everything together;
  • Recognition of the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of children’s lives in culturally, socially and individually appropriate ways;
  •  Recognition of the significance and contribution of previous generations to the child’s concept of self;

We invariably make sure that mentors and staff have the correct knowledge with a deep understanding of child development, and a clear understanding of the context in which they are working and dealing with.

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