Core Standards

Core Standards: 

Our lovely school building has impressive facilities include external playing ground, table tennis, a basketball court, a music room and a modern foreign languages room. Our purpose built dining hall offers nutritious meals, freshly cooked on site, and a bright welcoming environment for the children to enjoy their lunchtimes.

We are passionate about providing children with state of the art resources, from our well-equipped ICT suite, furnished with 32 PC’s.

Each classroom enjoys the benefit of digital equipment such as visualizers to enhance learning.


The addition to our remarkable facilities is our library packed with high quality children’s texts. This provides our children with the most inspiring environment to promote a love of reading. 


Safety:Playground and Sports Equipment/ Materials

Playground of adequate size is available within school premises; adequate sports equipment and material also available for a variety of games.

Students participate in a variety of games/ sports in a planned manner; facility for training/ coaching for sports is available. school maintains inventories of all equipment and replenishes material as and when necessary; organizes inter-school sports meet every year.


Classrooms and Other rooms


All the class- rooms have adequate space for students and for group work and other activities; additional rooms to be used as office, store, craft, etc. are available; each classroom has sufficient number of benches and chairs; teachers have lockers/ cupboards.


Every classroom has good ventilation, light; other rooms are appropriately furnished; display of pictures are used to create an attractive environment; furniture is well-arranged and aesthetically pleasing; is age-appropriate and friendly for differently-abled learners.


Electricity and Gadgets

School has its own power back-up facility, such as generator or inverter to deal with power failures; all rooms have adequate electric lights and fans; public address system is in place.


Miniature Circuit Breaker switches (MCB), are in place to prevent fire due to short circuit; all electrical and electronic equipment are regularly checked, maintained and kept in working order.



A large collection of books is available; periodicals, magazines, newspapers

are regularly subscribed to; a separate room for library with adequate reading space is available; e-books and digitized materials are available


Books are properly catalogued, arranged systematically in shelves and regularly used by learners and teachers; library provides access to e- books and digitized materials; library resources support curricular transaction; regular addition of new books is done through an appropriate selection procedure keeping in mind the age, linguistic background , academic needs of learners and teachers.



All required laboratories are available and are well-equipped with materials, instruments as per state norms and specifications; running water and electric supply is ensured. Every students is given an opportunity to conduct all prescribed experiments

in the laboratory; teacher utilizes/ uses the laboratory to conducts experiments simultaneously while transacting the relevant topic in the class.


Computer (where provisioning exists)


School has computer room with sufficient numbers of computers with internet access; up-to-date adequate digital teaching learning material and software available. Teachers integrate the use of technology (computers and related digital material) in their teaching learning plan and implementation; also use computers in the assessment of learners; every learner gets an opportunity to use the computer



Meal, Kitchen and Utensils (where cooking is done within school premises)


Ample space in the kitchen shed or room for storage of utensils and cooking activity; adequate space for students to have their meal.(.

Kitchen and utensils are cleaned after every use; person responsible for cooking makes special efforts to maintain personal hygiene; proper seating arrangement is made for the learners to have their meals; designated teachers regularly supervise the meal programme.



Drinking Water

There is continuous supply of safe drinking water; retrofitting of drinking water facilities is done, if required, for maintenance and purification.

School ensures regular supply of purified drinking water; cleanliness is maintained around drinking water facilities.


Hand Wash Facilities

Regular and sufficient supply of water; adequate number of hand-wash outlets/ stations available; adequate and regular supply of soap.

Hand-wash stations are cleaned daily; school organizes hand-washing and hygiene drives through posters, slogans, songs, skits, etc.; regular sessions at various forums are held to develop a habit and stress the importance of hand-washing; School Head monitor learners’ personal hygiene regularly



Separate toilet seats and urinals for boys and girls are available in sufficient number; CWSN friendly toilet available.

All the toilets are functional and maintained at all times; cleaning of toilets is under- taken regularly; continuous supply of water is available for flushing and cleaning; school maintains sanitation and cleanliness of toilets


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