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Who Wre We?

Xavier International School is an excellent school in Kathmandu. Xavier International School meets all the standards for a progressive school. Xavier International School(XIS)offers an outstanding education to the students and families that it serves. The curriculum is broad and inspiring, and teaching is consistently good across the school. The school's mission is to provide academic excellence in a responsible environment emphasizing the holistic development of a child, integrating technology in education to make our students ‘Future Ready’. The vision of the school is to provide a quality learning environment and recruit competent teachers and produce outstanding student performance results.

What Xavier International School does well ?

Xavier International School is known for having a strong leadership team and clear vision, mission, and values. They offer a broad and rich curriculum with a focus on helping all students achieve their potential. They have an inclusive admissions policy and high-quality teaching and learning. The school has high standards for attainment and progress and also has outreach programs in the community. The school's pupils are known for being confident, accountable, and responsible, and the school has a supportive and respectful ethos.


To provide world-class quality education and student care in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment that builds a foundation for a life-long term.


By 2025 Xavier International will be one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal providing quality education with a cent percent results and at least 8000 students enrollment.

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College buses widely operate within Kathmandu Valley in three districts: Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur so as to serve as many of our students as feasible.