BSC Microbiology

Duration: 4 years | Educational requirement: Minimum of 12 years of schooling | Affiliation: Tribhuvan University 

The Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology is designed to provide students with a complete understanding of the organisms, whilst covering all the aspects of microbial world and its complex interactions.

The study helps students to further their existing knowledge on, how the microbes function, along with the problems and its sustainable management. The course is a foundation of skills that a student needs to work in the concerned department. It widens the understanding of the microbes and aids in developing accepted knowledge in analytical manners too.

Key Learning Outcomes

Understand the interesting world of microbiology through excellent education and research to explore the field.

Accumulate conceptual knowledge of microorganisms and their role in different related fields to combat diseases.

Gain theoretical and applied knowledge of microbiology in cross- disciplinary fields to become professionally capable.

Obtain specialized know-how about selected areas of microbiology to tackle real-world problems.

Careers by Area

Medical Laboratories

Medical & Clinical Microbiologists, Bacteriologists, Mycologists, Proto-zoologists, Immunologists, Parasitologists, and Virologists

Agriculture & Manufacturing

Agricultural & Industrial Microbiologists and Operations Managers

Teaching, Research

Teachers, Instructors, and Research & Development Scientists.


Project Coordinator, Environmental & Healthcare Microbiologists

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