During the pandemic the continuation of regular class was one of the most challenges faced by the educational institution. At the initial stage for the continuous classes Xavier International adopted Zoom app. In order to continue the regular classes and depending upon the number of students we found many limitation on Zoom app. Due to the continuous research later on we found Google classroom one of the efficient medium to continue the regular classes. Google classroom is one of the learning applications that simplify the interactions between students and educators. It is also a convenient method of distributing and rating tasks and assessments. Besides that Google classroom can be accessed by using any device such as desktop, laptop, Smartphone as well as tablet.
Xavier International College have integrated e-learning system through Google classroom from last two and half years since the beginning of pandemic at all levels from lower secondary, higher secondary to Masters level. All the students in total around 4,400 students have accessed to google classroom for their regular classes. Xavier International College is committed to the integration of technology and the learning process.
Therefore, provided each of the educators and students with an individual google email assigned as a classroom that allowed them to access google classroom for the regular classes.
Xavier International College adopted google classroom for teaching, course materials, assignment posting and correction of the assignment through the use of the Kaami's extension. The regular class, follow up class, booster class and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) and Co-Curricular Activities (COCA) was conducted through the e-learning process.
Xavier International College, since Google Classroom has been provided, the educators and students need to adopt to the new normal environment to ensure the courses learning outcome is delivered. The adoption of this e-learning process help student to study anytime and anywhere. However sometimes students have difficulties in dealing with technology, particularly usage and acceptance of students.