Xavier Int’l College has a well-stocked library with the latest & updated publications of text\reference books along with relevant materials on various subjects in hard copies and electronic versions. A tailor-made place of studies and research center where students delightfully devote their time to creative activities.

The library is full of the undermentioned resources. – Journals and periodicals such as Time, Economist, Scientific America, Reader Digest, Leadership Excellence, Competition Success Review, and others. – Syllabi & syllabus support materials past examination Papers including candidates detailed performance report, Subject wise mark scheme & examiners report, maps, sketches & drawings, – Assortment of Audio\ Visual materials in (Cassettes /CDs) VCR/LCD/OPH, Slides, Video & Audio.

The College has a modern computer laboratory with the latest state-of-the-art computers, which can be used as standalone or network modes. Multimedia and 24 hours Internet facilities connected by wired technology are also available.