Online Final Evaluation Examination 2077

Online Final Evaluation Examination 2077

This is to inform all students of Grade XI (Science/Management/Humanities/Law) that the Online Evaluation Examination -2077 has been scheduled as per the following schedule.

Date Science Management Humanities Law
Shrawan 4,2077 English English English English
Shrawan 5,2077 Physics Principle of Accounting-I Sociology Nepalese legal system
Shrawan 6,2077 Mathematics Economics Mass. Communication Neplese Constitutional Law & Nepalese Constitution
Shrawan 7,2077 Computer Science /Biology Nepali Nepali Nepali
Shrawan 8,2077 Chemistry

Basic Mathematics

Business Studies

Computer Science

Hotel Management

Travel & Tourism

Rural Development General Principal and theories of Law


  1. The format of the Online Final Evaluation Examination-2077 is the same as the National Examination Board pattern. This exam will provide evidence to the National Examination Board of Nepal.
  2. The questions of the subject will cover the whole curriculum. The full marks of each subject in the exam will be 100.
  3. Anyone responsible member of the family should be with the students during examination time.
  4. Answers to be submitted via the following Email within 5 Hours. (For science students) (For Management students) (For Humanities students) (For Law students)

Department of Examination, Xavier International College, Kalopul, Kathmandu

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